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Hello and welcome to my website, which is about my great personal passion: The Lost Realm of the Plymais.
My name is Toby McHattie, and I am a professor and member of the faculty at the Boston University. Besides being an archeologist by profession, I teach ancient history at the university.
Some years ago, I came across some old documents, from a long deceased colleague of mine, professor Archibald Hemsworth from London. Back in 1856 he claimed, that Plato's story of the lost Kingdom of Atlantis, was based on another lost and forgotten culture called the Plymais. The Plymais lived on a peninsula, placed on the southwest tip of Spain, where the Strait of Gibraltar meets the Atlantic Ocean.

A devastating earthquake around 2300 B.C. swallowed it, and left almost no proof of its existence.
I created this site for the purpose of easy translation between English and Plymais writing. Thanks to an Plymais translation to hieroglyphic on a piece parchment, that was created around the time of the destruction of the civilization, and later found by professor Hemsworth, he succeeded in making an phonic translation of the Plymais alphabet to English.
You can on the buttons below go to the tranlation tools. On the first you can enter your text in English, and press "Translate". Then you can see how it looks in Plymais writing.
On the other button, you can type in the equivalent Plymais letter, to translate to English.


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